February 15, 2016

How to Store Wine Properly.


Wines need to be stored in certain conditions for it to be able to retain its original taste and quality. This is the very reason why people who know their wine always go out of their way to create good and proper storage places for their precious bottles. There are key points that must be met for you to be able to successfully store wine:

Cool temperature – Wines are stored best at 13 degrees Celsius, anywhere above that can destroy your precious wine bottles. Temperature must not fluctuate as it can change the taste of the wine. Humidity must be controlled to prevent corks from shrinking as it may allow oxygen to interact with the wines, oxidizing them.

Away from sunlight – Wines loves darkness. They are always stored in dark bottles and not in clear ones. Too much sunlight can lead to premature wine aging especially for white wines.

Undisturbed – Storing wines without letting them shaken or disturbed. Constant vibrations can prevent sediments from settling down.

Place bottles on its sides – Wines must be stored sideways, leaving the wines to keep the cork moist. Dried corks can shrink and allow oxygen into the bottle and affecting the taste.

Store wines in proper ways can preserve their taste for years to come.