February 15, 2018

The Art Of Wine Tasting.


For most people, wine tasting may only mean drinking several batches of wine and selecting the bottle that tastes best. Wine connoisseurs see wine tastings as an adventure, an opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the wonderful tastes that different wines can give. They have passion for wine and it is an art itself.

The first rule of wine tasting is to use your sense of sight. A good wine should be clear and richly colored. A good wine glass is needed, to inspect the color of the wine, tilt the glass away from you, hold it against the light and check the color from the rim of the glass down to the stem. The wine’s age can also be determined by the color of the wine as the older the wine usually has orange tinges at the rim.

Red wines should be colored maroon or red and white wines, pale yellow or straw-like. But the most important thing is it should be crystal clear and not opaque or foggy. You swirl your glass to check if there are any sediments floating in the liquid.

Swirl the glass a few times to get the wine’s aroma. Give a slight wisp of your hands and smell the scent that the wine is giving out. After this first smell, put your nose near the glass opening and get a good grasp of the wine’s aroma.

There should be four phases that you need to determine the taste: the alcohol content, the acidity, the sugars and the tannin levels. A good wine should be able to balance all four without one being more pronounced than the other.

And finally, the last thing you need to check is the longevity that the taste can last on your palate. Is there an aftertaste? Is it good or does it turns bitter and sour in the end?

Wine tasting is a technique that must be perfected, a wonderful art that you can own especially if you have a passion for wines and good food!