"To share our passion for quality wines with like-minded people; to enhance the dining pleasure of our fellow Singaporeans by bringing in wines which compliment well with Singaporean food and palate."

New Border Wines and Liquors is founded by a group of people who share a strong interest in wines and are advocates that moderate wine drinking can improve one’s health. 

We pride ourselves for being an innovative, prestigious and up-market distributor of quality wines in Singapore since 2011.

New Border Wines and Liquors is a Statutory member, Singapore Business Federation 

We are a direct importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of wines. All-in-one. We deal directly with the producer whenever possible to reduce middleman cost. 

We are therefore able to bring to you quality wines with highly competitive prices by eliminating all unnecessary costs. 

Furthermore, our wines are carefully selected for their consistency and quality in which you can relate to good wines. You will have a good time drinking a bottle of wine bought from us. We assure you.