“The Best Wine Judge”

Judging wine in a competition

“The best wine judge” – making some dog senses out of it. It was an Olympic 100m race in an era long gone. In a black and white photo taken less than a split second after the gun went off, one particular athlete is already seen starting his second stride while others were just “taking […]

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The Wine Business in Singapore.

Singapore river- Then

The wine business in Singapore -some untold truths from a new business owner   The owner’s profile With the advance of information technology, social media and an open and transparent business environment in Singapore , it is not difficult to know who are the proprietors, shareholders and other entities related to businesses in our wine […]

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Setting up a new wine business in Singapore. Is it viable?


Setting up a new wine business in Singapore. Is it viable? -A new business owner’s perspective Good evening. Over the last decade, we have seen a mushrooming of wine companies in Singapore. An online search via wine-searcher last night produced 247 references for Singaporean wine stores. Many of these are online companies who pride themselves […]

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